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Monday, 18 October 2010

Hot Air ballooning-a beginner's Guide

The original way to fly from the first known flights of the Montgolfier brothers to more recent pioneers as Sir Richard Branson's record breaking flights, hot air ballooning is one of the most fascinating sport to participate.

Hot air ballooning is probably the slowest way to fly and probably not the safest, but so is the most spectacular it is hard to beat. Reservation of a hot air balloon ride is pretty simple and common there are a lot of hot air balloon company offer excellent flying experience.

In order to take the plunge and booking a flight check out the company and it's experienced pilots as to ensure that the company is certified by the CAA and the pilots are qualified and have a good safety record.

I started to hot air balloon festivals there are some great shows around the United Kingdom, Europe and the States the biggest the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, which is held in October every year. In Britain we have 2 good hot air balloon festivals, the largest is the Bristol Balloon Festival and it was a great deal to do and see as well several balloon over two hundred balloons launches participated.

Hot air balloons come in many different shapes and sizes, depending on the use that the really big countries are used to more people and sometimes you for miles that saw this as they have the option to transfer more weight and more fuel on board to contain.

Hot air balloons are hard to pilot and in the early morning or evening should be flown if these are the times that the air most still and manageable for the pilot.During the day can there is too much interference from thermals much hot air rises which can cause the hot air balloon to unstable.

So if you book a balloon trip and its early in the morning please bear in mind it can be very cold at a height of sensible clothing and a woolly Hat be featured items.Listen carefully to the security short from the Centre of the balloon attention often makes for a safe landing.

Knowing what to expect does not prepare you feel like seeing the burner heating of the balloon and are in the basket to wait for the elevator that is carefully controlled by the pilot are smooth as not too fast.

Once in the air it you see the world from a totally unexpected way, as you gliding almost silently over the country. some countries have wild animals this belongs to the biggest ways of seeing wild animals in natural stat without disturbing them.

That is included on many balloon rides in the UK and Europe as well as Africa I can recommend is this an experience you will never forget. However, on the one hand in Africa I was a little pre occupied with not down into a heard of Lions or anything else. Fortunately, as you will see from the balloons are tracked with GPS so that the support vehicle so that they quickly from the air balloon Pack can as it lands.

A hot air balloon is controlled by the pilot concept that air at different heights in different directions moves and the proficiency of pilots is to interpret the weather for the day and adjust the height of the balloon to go in the right direction for the planned flight of the day.

Riding the sky at sunset and Sunrise is a real sensation and look down on our busy lifestyles while driving along the sky makes for a real nice day out. I request you to provide this to put on one of your lists to do before you die and get out there and cloud of hop in heaven.

2008 Andy Bolton 40 Liverpool,

Hot air balloons

Hot air ballooning